“ECO UPS! Your Eco Friendly Partner.”

We think only about ‘Health, Safety & Eco Friendly Environments’.

ECO UPS SDN. BHD. is a fresh, charming, passionate Eco-friendly ‘Cosmetics & Home Chemical’ Company. We joined forces in partnership with our Korean friends and established our Malaysian based Company.

We specialize in supplying whole line of Eco-friendly products, such as cosmetics, chemicals for homes, etc from Korea. We also export Eco-friendly raw materials to South Korea.

From the start of our business, our focus is and will always be on ‘Eco-friendly’ products. In our studies and research, we found out that

The best product is a perfectly organic

  • Perfect Eco-friendly chemistry based products are better than the poor graded organic ones.

With the above aims, we started sourcing for products which were ‘organic and using Eco-friendly chemicals’. In order to accomplish this task, we contacted many companies and conducted a lot of researches on all the ingredients that were used by these Companies. To make good choices, we excluded all the faulty and poor component based items. With the incredible efforts put in by our team, we are now able to list the final lines of our choices. These products are as follows which are suit to our selection criteria:
Products which will bring harmful to human skin, such as “artificial preservatives” and “artificial fragrances” are to be excluded.

Products which are subjected to “animal tests for human skin safety tests” are to be excluded.

Products manufactured by using “the raw materials that obtained with illegal methods and inhumane way” are to be excluded.

Products manufactured under our criteria -Eco, safety & performance certified by authorized institutions, good quality and reasonable price- will be ECO UPS’s top choices.

With our persistent teamwork and collective effort, we have shortlisted the below 3 companies who are producing products that are fulfilled our criteria :




ECO UPS SDN. BHD. will introduce and distribute excellent products from the three Korean cosmetics and chemical company. We feel proud and pleasure to share these wonderful products with you. We want everyone to enjoy good and valuable skincare and home-care items and together we love ourselves and our earth. By using our products, we promise you,

  • Healthy skin, by improving your skin texture and moisture.
  • Younger look with our prominent anti aging and wrinkle free skin care products.
  • Protect you and family from harmful virus, bacteria, odour, insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, dust mites by using our home care products.

Will you join us?



“Make a sustainable eco friendly world!”


“Help to improve eco friendly lifestyle of our customers”

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